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Abortion Factsheet of South Africa

In order to be able to change the world you live in, you first have to understand it. You have to know the facts.
Here are a few facts of how abortion legalization came to be in South Africa and what kind of figures we are facing.
And then the most important part: What can we do to stop abortion?

The Negative Facts:

  • On 1 February 1997, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (Act 92 of 1996) came into force in South Africa, legalizing abortion on demand. Reference
  • There were a few attempts in court to stop/overturn this legislature, but none have been successful thus far.
  • The verdict on the last case was that the constitution does not specifically protect unborn children.
  • According to official statistics more than 1027 000 (one million) children were aborted in South Africa since legalization of abortion. That is more than the amount of people who died in the Rwandan genocide. Reference 1 | Reference 2
  • The amount of illegal abortion clinics and illegal abortions performed are not documented. There might be as many illegal abortions performed as legal abortions, possibly taking the total abortions over 2 Million.
  • This means South Africa aborted 2–4 % of its population since abortion legalization.
  • If all the aborted babies grew up to be adults, held hands and formed a line. The line would be from Capetown to Johannesburg.
  • Statistically there is more than one abortion performed in South Africa every ten minutes.

The Positive Facts:

  • The last research (2006) done by the Human Sciences Research Council shows that 91% of South Africans believe abortion is wrong. Reference
  • A majority vote of 66% by members of parliament can have the constitution ammended. So if MPs represent the people who voted for them, we can have the constitution ammended to specifically protect the unborn's right to life.
  • Unlike in countries like the USA, the abortion law has not yet been finalized in South Africa's highest court. This means the law is not final and can be overturned.
  • Most abortion clinics are illegal and operate outside the law. We can have them shut down legally by pointing them out to the proper authorities.