What would you have done?

The following story is part of the reason why ProLife Generation was started. One of my friends once told me of something he read, and it changed my perspective on abortion. Suddenly it became personal:

Imagine there was a building in the town where you live. And every day people will go into this building, they will take other people with them. And the people that are taken into this building are then hacked to pieces with sharp objects and disposed of. This building serves as a community service, and is funded by the state. If you have grandparents, children, friends, or any-one that is burdening you or costing you money or time, you can take them into that building and the state will dispose of them for you. They will be slaughtered into little pieces and flushed down the toilet.

This is quite a gruesome picture I know. But try to think of it as a reality. If there was a building like this in your town, what would you do? And how would you react?

I will speak for myself in saying I would quit my job, permanently camp in front of that building and try to stop everyone from going there, I will write emails to every person in the state I can think of, I will start movements to try and stop it and call on the world to help.

I guess you get the picture by now. The fact is, in every town in South Africa there is such a building. In every hospital or clinic in South Africa people take their children to be aborted, every day. According to derived statistics more than 1 million children were aborted in South Africa since abortion legalization. That is way more than the amount of people killed in the Rwandan genocide. It means that statistically there is more than one abortion in South Africa every minute of every day.

And most people are just sitting by watching.

This story is part of the reason why some of us were inspired to start ProLife Generation. An anti-abortion organization for South Africa. Because if we knew that many people were being hacked to pieces every day, we would have acted.

What would you have done?