What our youth is saying about abortion

Part of what I do at ProLife Generation, is to monitor social networks. I search for people in South Africa who are posting about abortion, and I then interact with them if need be. ( Disclaimer: I am not attacking pro-abortion posts, but encouraging ProLife quotes, and engaging with individuals who seek dialog on the topic. )

This exercise helps me have a clear view of how the youth are feeling about abortion. I specifically state “the youth”, as they are without a doubt the people who indulge in social networks most of all. And what I found is really sad. The general feeling of youth in our country towards abortion is quite shocking. Whereas the older generation, even if they are not ProLife, will handle the topic with some sensitivity, the youth see it as a topic to discuss over breakfast, and to joke about. Here is a list of some of the most popular recurring posts:

  • “Are you having a boy or an abortion  The Dictator”
  • “English classes would be much easier if Shakespeare’s mom had an abortion”
  •  “Son: ‘Dad, how do you feel about abortion?” Dad: “Ask your sister.” Son: “But I don’t have a… oh’ “
  • “That guy is a failed abortion”
  • ” ‘Usher- There Goes My Baby’ should be the theme song for abortion clinics. “
  • “People visit the abortion clinic like its the corner shop”
  •  I’m sorry your mom couldn’t afford abortion when she had chance”
  • “How much does an abortion cost these days?”

As you can see, this generation has little to no sympathy for victims of abortion. Abortion is seen as an everyday thing. But this is the generation that will rule our country in a few years, they will be the lawmakers, the leaders, the voters. We have a clear challenge ahead of us, how do we reach our youth with the truth? How do we tell them about the dangers of abortion? How do we instil a value for human life?

This post does not have an answer. As with most things at ProLife Generation, this is merely a challenge that we put to you, a citizen of our country, a fellow human being. The challenge is not theirs but yours. What can you do?

If you want to see for yourself what people are saying you can monitor twitter updates through this search:


Interact and spread the word.