Pro Choice? Really?

After reading an article about this, I could not help but post a quick opinion on the matter. The irony is so staggering that I can only sit back and shake my head.

Planned Parenthood, Americas largest abortion provider (also moving to South Africa now), one of the biggest abortion providers worldwide, made a statement. Here is that statement: “Planned Parenthood opposes sex selection abortion”.

Wait, what? But they are the flag bearers of the pro choice campaign. They fight because they say that women have the right to choose, even if that means the right to choose that they want to kill their own children. But now, here they are, saying that, it is wrong to kill your child because it is a girl (or boy). So let me get this straight. You have right to choose to kill your child, for any reason. Maybe because you are young, or because you are poor, or because you just don’t want children. But you may not kill your child because they are of a certain sex. The irony is staggering.

This is just one of those simple cases where once again the logic of the intellectual pro-choice (woman’s rights) camp falls in on itself. By agreeing that its wrong to kill someone because of who they are or will be, they are destroying their own argument for legal abortion. And yet, they are completely oblivious to the irony. Or maybe, just maybe, they are well aware of the irony, but they are making millions per year from the industry, and the dollar is speaking louder than the conscience.

Here is the link to the statement, if you were wondering: