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Nico Smit is currently acting as the chair person on the board for ProLife Generation.

Our under-used legal system

Many times we look at things only as a whole, and then find the challenge to be too big to handle. Making abortion illegal in South Africa can be one of those challenges. The idea of overturning a high court judgement, or changing the constitution by two thirds majority vote in national parliament, is, admittedly, a big challenge.

The good news is, however, that the South African legislation system was developed in such a way that legislature may be passed at each level of government: National, Provincial and Municipal. Each of these legislature bodies may pass laws, as long as it does not contradict the law above it (bubbles up to the constitution). A province may even have it’s own constitution, the Western Cape actually does have a constitution of it’s own apart from the National constitution. With some fascinating points like this one:

81. The Western Cape government must adopt and implement policies to actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people of the Western Cape, including policies aimed at achieving the following – 
(i) an environment in which all children —
(i) are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity;
(ii) are protected against exploitation, neglect, abuse and abandonment; and…

– now there is some anti-abortion legislation right there, if you read it right.

You may be wondering where I am trying to go with this point, so I will jump right into it: The political party that you vote for can implement anti-abortion legislature on provincial or even municipal level. The question is, why are they not doing it? And why are we not holding those we voted for accountable?

Getting legislation done on national level may be a big problem, but is it really so big a problem to get legislature done on municipal level? I think not. If we implement the good old divide and conquer strategy we can start ending abortion from the ground up. If we can spark a ProLife trend and voice in municipal (and even provincial) legislature, then we can start saving lives.

Now the challenge that remains then, is the fact that the national legislature allows abortion, and the “lower” levels of legislature can’t override that, but you can implement some red-tape and extra constraints to the legislature. This is what they have been doing in America for a few years now, and it is really picking up the pace. Their national law allows abortion, but the states can add extra legislature to the abortion law. One example is sex-selective abortion, you can implement a law that prohibits mothers from aborting their children if they already know what gender the child is, because most families want boys and not girls. A law like this will champion women’s rights, and will even get liberal support, but in the end it will decrease the amount of abortions that actually happen.

It is possible in South Africa to have a ProLife town, or a ProLife province. So come on politicians, get your act together. Come on people, vote for ProLife candidates, apply pressure, divide and conquer.

Open letter to Stellenbosch Municipality

To whom it may concern
If tourists visit Stellenbosch, they might think that abortion is a public service offered at our local municipal offices. Their reason for thinking something like this, will simply be because nearly every lamp post in Bird Street has an illegal abortion poster on it. It is illegal to advertise your “business” on municipal lamp posts, but alas, the abortion posters prevail, illegal and unhindered.
It has now been 7 months since I first contacted Mr. Piet Smit at the municipal offices regarding the illegal abortion posters plastered all over Stellenbosch’s lamp posts. I sent him detailed descriptions of where the posters were, as well as a photo of one. Mr. Smit assured me that the matter was referred to the public safety department.
Three months later, I followed up again with Mr. Smit, bringing it to his attention that no posters have been removed yet. I once again noted in my mail where the posters were and also included four photos of posters with land-marks in the background.

A week later Mr. Smit replied by referring me to Mr. Neville Langenhoven, the manager responsible for law enforcement. I then sent the same detailed email to Mr Langenhoven.
Six days later I received a reply from Ms Christine Du Preez stating that the head of law enforcement was contacted and that officials were requested to take down the posters. This was more than three month ago, and the illegal posters have not been removed yet.
I am unsure as to where in the inner workings of the municipality the gear is not turning, but it is evident that there is some form of mismanagement. Pointing fingers at law enforcement will also be pointless. For if I ask three different people over seven months to do something which is the municipality’s responsibility, and it is still not done, then the municipality is not seeing through what should be done.
If, for some reason, the municipality is unable to deliver that which they were voted in for, then they should at least have a discussion with me so that we can look at other options. Maybe try to pull in the community to work together. But at every turn they assured me it was being sorted out, which it was not.
I remember the last municipal election. I remember how Stellenbosch rejoiced when the DA was voted in to manage Stellenbosch municipality in stead of the ANC. The DA won with an overwhelming majority. I also, however, remember when the ANC still managed Stellenbosch, and I can’t recall seeing nearly as many illegal posters on lamp posts as there are now. I am not at all lobbying for a certain party to govern, but I am wondering whether the vote of the majority of Stellenbosch has been misplaced?
These illegal abortion posters are an eyesore in our beautiful town of Stellenbosch. It makes our town look cheap and overrun by lawlessness.
I hereby once again make my plea known to the municipality of Stellenbosch. Please have the illegal abortion posters removed from the lamp posts. Should you be unable to do this, please organise an open discussion on the matter so that the community can come up with solutions.
Kind Regards

Pro Choice? Really?

After reading an article about this, I could not help but post a quick opinion on the matter. The irony is so staggering that I can only sit back and shake my head.

Planned Parenthood, Americas largest abortion provider (also moving to South Africa now), one of the biggest abortion providers worldwide, made a statement. Here is that statement: “Planned Parenthood opposes sex selection abortion”.

Wait, what? But they are the flag bearers of the pro choice campaign. They fight because they say that women have the right to choose, even if that means the right to choose that they want to kill their own children. But now, here they are, saying that, it is wrong to kill your child because it is a girl (or boy). So let me get this straight. You have right to choose to kill your child, for any reason. Maybe because you are young, or because you are poor, or because you just don’t want children. But you may not kill your child because they are of a certain sex. The irony is staggering.

This is just one of those simple cases where once again the logic of the intellectual pro-choice (woman’s rights) camp falls in on itself. By agreeing that its wrong to kill someone because of who they are or will be, they are destroying their own argument for legal abortion. And yet, they are completely oblivious to the irony. Or maybe, just maybe, they are well aware of the irony, but they are making millions per year from the industry, and the dollar is speaking louder than the conscience.

Here is the link to the statement, if you were wondering: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/newsroom/press-releases/planned-parenthood-statement-hoax-campaign-39408.htm

What our youth is saying about abortion

Part of what I do at ProLife Generation, is to monitor social networks. I search for people in South Africa who are posting about abortion, and I then interact with them if need be. ( Disclaimer: I am not attacking pro-abortion posts, but encouraging ProLife quotes, and engaging with individuals who seek dialog on the topic. )

This exercise helps me have a clear view of how the youth are feeling about abortion. I specifically state “the youth”, as they are without a doubt the people who indulge in social networks most of all. And what I found is really sad. The general feeling of youth in our country towards abortion is quite shocking. Whereas the older generation, even if they are not ProLife, will handle the topic with some sensitivity, the youth see it as a topic to discuss over breakfast, and to joke about. Here is a list of some of the most popular recurring posts:

  • “Are you having a boy or an abortion  The Dictator”
  • “English classes would be much easier if Shakespeare’s mom had an abortion”
  •  “Son: ‘Dad, how do you feel about abortion?” Dad: “Ask your sister.” Son: “But I don’t have a… oh’ “
  • “That guy is a failed abortion”
  • ” ‘Usher- There Goes My Baby’ should be the theme song for abortion clinics. “
  • “People visit the abortion clinic like its the corner shop”
  •  I’m sorry your mom couldn’t afford abortion when she had chance”
  • “How much does an abortion cost these days?”

As you can see, this generation has little to no sympathy for victims of abortion. Abortion is seen as an everyday thing. But this is the generation that will rule our country in a few years, they will be the lawmakers, the leaders, the voters. We have a clear challenge ahead of us, how do we reach our youth with the truth? How do we tell them about the dangers of abortion? How do we instil a value for human life?

This post does not have an answer. As with most things at ProLife Generation, this is merely a challenge that we put to you, a citizen of our country, a fellow human being. The challenge is not theirs but yours. What can you do?

If you want to see for yourself what people are saying you can monitor twitter updates through this search:


Interact and spread the word.

Aliens, District 9, kittens and abortion

I’m not sure how many of you watched the movie “District 9”. It’s quite gruesome and intense, so if you haven’t watched it yet, but are not up for movies like that, please don’t see this as an encouragement to go watch it. Also, of course, if you’re under-aged, wait until you fit the age restriction. If, however, you can stomach a bit of gore, then there is a lot to take from the movie, if you look for it. This post is not a review of the movie, but I will use it as a basis for my discussion, whether you watched it or not should not influence you reading this article.

There was one specific scene in the movie I am going to refer to: Wikus van der Merwe, the hero / antagonist of the movie, was walking through an informal settlement where the aliens (who came to earth) lived. He, and the police who walk with him, then come across a shack, where there are a lot of alien foetuses being bred. The alien unborn grow in little pouches which are fed by pipes from cow carcasses . Wikus van der Merwe then starts pulling the plugs on the foetus pouches, and kills the alien unborn. While you can hear the alien unborn scream of pain Wikus jokes with his comrades and continues with his day as if nothing happened.

I remember sitting in the cinema watching this. The reaction from the audience was incredible. Woman were gasping for their breath in shock of the scene, men made remarks/noises of disgust. The sight of a man killing a little unborn alien squealing of pain was too much for people to handle. Being ProLife, I immediately saw the irony in what was happening around me.

If this movie had a scene where a human woman went for an abortion, I believe that the audience would not have responded so heavily, they would merely rub it off as “the woman’s right”. After all there would be some reason for her to abort her child, maybe there is no father, maybe she is poor, or still in school. The audience would ignore the fact that the unborn human baby actually experiences pain while he/she is being ripped apart.

We have been numbed to abortion by our culture. Knowing abortions are happening does not affect us in the least. In my hometown, you walk past abortion posters nearly every day. I have never seen a man or woman gasping for air or being shocked when they see these posters, yet when an alien unborn is killed in a movie, they can’t stomach the sight.

I will also use another example. I received one of those “cause” links to a facebook group once. The cause is to stop some northern country’s people from killing thousands of seals every year. There was an emotional movie which shows how the people kill the seals. The comments on the movie and group were intense! People were angry and shocked. But when you go to a “stop abortion” group, it is quite silent, people are afraid to comment.

Imagine for one minute that someone would go to an abortion clinic with a bag, and stood on the lawn in front of the clinic. Now imagine him getting a crowd together, some news reporters and a few cameras. If this person then takes a few cute little kittens out of the bag and one by one cuts off their heads with a knife, what will the reaction from the crowd be? What will the reaction from the news reporters be? What will the reaction from the country be? There will be an uproar, but about what? About the cute little kittens. In the meantime woman are entering the abortion clinic behind the man all the time, and have their cute little human babies cut into pieces, yet no-one seems to be phased.

The irony in all of this is so astounding that it is difficult to believe humans are intelligent at all. How can we have such double standards? How can the United Nations, who fight for equality and freedom of all, retract funding from African countries if they don’t legalize abortion. How can the same government who fought for freedom of black people in South Africa vote to have abortion legalized, and thereby sign into law the killing of over 1 million black children?

What do you believe when it comes to abortion? What do your leaders believe? Your community? Your people? The reaction to these “almost like abortion” scenes show us that the very nature of our culture is to hate this thing called abortion, but yet it prevails.

It’s time to start asking these questions about abortion. To leaders, to lawmakers, to politicians, and most importantly, to ourselves.


What would you have done?

The following story is part of the reason why ProLife Generation was started. One of my friends once told me of something he read, and it changed my perspective on abortion. Suddenly it became personal:

Imagine there was a building in the town where you live. And every day people will go into this building, they will take other people with them. And the people that are taken into this building are then hacked to pieces with sharp objects and disposed of. This building serves as a community service, and is funded by the state. If you have grandparents, children, friends, or any-one that is burdening you or costing you money or time, you can take them into that building and the state will dispose of them for you. They will be slaughtered into little pieces and flushed down the toilet.

This is quite a gruesome picture I know. But try to think of it as a reality. If there was a building like this in your town, what would you do? And how would you react?

I will speak for myself in saying I would quit my job, permanently camp in front of that building and try to stop everyone from going there, I will write emails to every person in the state I can think of, I will start movements to try and stop it and call on the world to help.

I guess you get the picture by now. The fact is, in every town in South Africa there is such a building. In every hospital or clinic in South Africa people take their children to be aborted, every day. According to derived statistics more than 1 million children were aborted in South Africa since abortion legalization. That is way more than the amount of people killed in the Rwandan genocide. It means that statistically there is more than one abortion in South Africa every minute of every day.

And most people are just sitting by watching.

This story is part of the reason why some of us were inspired to start ProLife Generation. An anti-abortion organization for South Africa. Because if we knew that many people were being hacked to pieces every day, we would have acted.

What would you have done?