Aliens, District 9, kittens and abortion

I’m not sure how many of you watched the movie “District 9”. It’s quite gruesome and intense, so if you haven’t watched it yet, but are not up for movies like that, please don’t see this as an encouragement to go watch it. Also, of course, if you’re under-aged, wait until you fit the age restriction. If, however, you can stomach a bit of gore, then there is a lot to take from the movie, if you look for it. This post is not a review of the movie, but I will use it as a basis for my discussion, whether you watched it or not should not influence you reading this article.

There was one specific scene in the movie I am going to refer to: Wikus van der Merwe, the hero / antagonist of the movie, was walking through an informal settlement where the aliens (who came to earth) lived. He, and the police who walk with him, then come across a shack, where there are a lot of alien foetuses being bred. The alien unborn grow in little pouches which are fed by pipes from cow carcasses . Wikus van der Merwe then starts pulling the plugs on the foetus pouches, and kills the alien unborn. While you can hear the alien unborn scream of pain Wikus jokes with his comrades and continues with his day as if nothing happened.

I remember sitting in the cinema watching this. The reaction from the audience was incredible. Woman were gasping for their breath in shock of the scene, men made remarks/noises of disgust. The sight of a man killing a little unborn alien squealing of pain was too much for people to handle. Being ProLife, I immediately saw the irony in what was happening around me.

If this movie had a scene where a human woman went for an abortion, I believe that the audience would not have responded so heavily, they would merely rub it off as “the woman’s right”. After all there would be some reason for her to abort her child, maybe there is no father, maybe she is poor, or still in school. The audience would ignore the fact that the unborn human baby actually experiences pain while he/she is being ripped apart.

We have been numbed to abortion by our culture. Knowing abortions are happening does not affect us in the least. In my hometown, you walk past abortion posters nearly every day. I have never seen a man or woman gasping for air or being shocked when they see these posters, yet when an alien unborn is killed in a movie, they can’t stomach the sight.

I will also use another example. I received one of those “cause” links to a facebook group once. The cause is to stop some northern country’s people from killing thousands of seals every year. There was an emotional movie which shows how the people kill the seals. The comments on the movie and group were intense! People were angry and shocked. But when you go to a “stop abortion” group, it is quite silent, people are afraid to comment.

Imagine for one minute that someone would go to an abortion clinic with a bag, and stood on the lawn in front of the clinic. Now imagine him getting a crowd together, some news reporters and a few cameras. If this person then takes a few cute little kittens out of the bag and one by one cuts off their heads with a knife, what will the reaction from the crowd be? What will the reaction from the news reporters be? What will the reaction from the country be? There will be an uproar, but about what? About the cute little kittens. In the meantime woman are entering the abortion clinic behind the man all the time, and have their cute little human babies cut into pieces, yet no-one seems to be phased.

The irony in all of this is so astounding that it is difficult to believe humans are intelligent at all. How can we have such double standards? How can the United Nations, who fight for equality and freedom of all, retract funding from African countries if they don’t legalize abortion. How can the same government who fought for freedom of black people in South Africa vote to have abortion legalized, and thereby sign into law the killing of over 1 million black children?

What do you believe when it comes to abortion? What do your leaders believe? Your community? Your people? The reaction to these “almost like abortion” scenes show us that the very nature of our culture is to hate this thing called abortion, but yet it prevails.

It’s time to start asking these questions about abortion. To leaders, to lawmakers, to politicians, and most importantly, to ourselves.