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ProLife Generation

ProLife Generation is an anti–abortion movement in South Africa.
We are a registerred NPO (Non Profit Organization), open for any individual who share in our vision to become a member. We are also willing to partner with any like-minded organization in this cause. ProLife Generation is not just an organization. It is a movement, a combined effort, a collaboration, a convergence of all South Africans in our generation who decided that it's time to stand up against abortion.

ProLife Generation Call to action

Purpose Statement:

" To abolish and outlaw all forms of abortion in South Africa. "

ProLife Generation about abortion

Right to Life?

Is abortion right or wrong? The South African constitution grants every person a right to life. But is an unborn baby a life? Are we allowed to take that life?

ProLife Generation abortion factsheet

Over 1 Million abortions!

Why is abortion legal in South Africa? How many abortions are being performed every year? How can we stop this? Visit our SA Abortion Factsheet for more info.

ProLife Generation about abortion

Partner with us

There are many ways in which you can partner with us or support us. Join the movement now and be part of the ProLife Generation.

Our Objectives

To argue the case against the validity and legality of abortion in the Media, courts and parliament of South Africa.

  1. Partner with and support political parties and/or candidates who are willing to vote against abortion in the South African parliament.
  2. Partner with and support organizations who are willing to argue the case against abortion in the South African courts.

To partner with organizations who supply alternatives to abortion.

  1. Partner with and support organizations who support women who are victims of rape or incest.
  2. Partner with and support organizations who facilitate adoption processes as an alternative to abortion.
  3. Partner with and support organizations who support orphans in any capacity.

To educate South Africans about the truths of abortion and abortion statistics.

  1. Provide educational programs and resources for the public, regarding the physical, psychological and social risks accompanying abortion.
  2. Educate the public regarding the constitution and democracy, and how they can legally act against abortion.